College Basketball Rankings

NCAA Tournament Team Probabilities

Here are updated probabilities for each team in the Sweet 16 advancing to each round and winning the tournament.   Here are the probabilities for each team to advance to each designated round and win the entire tournament.  

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Misix College Basketball Rankings

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Misix College Basketball Ranking: An Explanation

Why this was done:  After reviewing the original ranking model, it was determined that there was a portion of a team’s performance that was being unintentionally excluded from the calculation.  The original MCBR was built to rank a team based on the outcome of the game, the quality of the

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Season Preview: Realigning Expectations

While no one person is responsible for deciding which college basketball team plays in which conference, we still have a fun game you can play wherein you pretend you’re in charge of the whole thing. All you need is a can of alphabet soup and a can opener. First, open

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